The expertise that we bring to the services we deliver in our consultancy is supported by a career of engagement with research and education, which inform our approach to the challenges and opportunities presented.

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Our consultancy offers the resources of over thirty years of international professional practice, research, and higher education teaching experience. We bring the benefits of practice and academic engagement with key bodies and institutions to each project.


We believe that for a place to be successful & resilient, it must be nurtured by the people whose lives and experience it touches. To achieve this, a place must be relevant to user’s needs, and to deliver economic, environmental and / or social wellbeing benefits to them. We aim to nurture and grow the relationships between people & place through our project development process.

Inclusive design expertise is at the heart of our practice. We believe that a project’s success is greater if stakeholders are involved through creative consultation in the design process.

We are skilled at delivering equity of access and benefit to users through innovative physical & sensory placemaking, and through inclusive information & interpretation delivery.


Our innovative approach to project problem solving is interdisciplinary & bespoke. Our work builds upon a passion for multi-disciplinary, creative collaboration with designer-makers, and professionals specific relevant to each project’s requirements. Our experience shows that this approach delivers the benefits robust, effective, holistic solutions, from project concept to finished product.