For Sensory Trust ( Michael contributed to the development of the ‘Access Chain’ inclusive access tool (, and to publications such as ‘Easy Access to Historic Landscapes’ (English Heritage/ Historic England

For CABESpace/ Design Council, Michael contributed to (DCLG) ‘Inclusive Design Hub’

case study - easy access to historic landscapes

We offer training and advisory expertise built on a career of involvement in significant inclusive design guidance commissions including:

He has also contributed his own projects case studies to publications, including: “Design for Healing Spaces Therapeutic Gardens”, Winterbottom D. & Wagenfeld A., 2015 (

Westley Design deliver a flexible range of site access audits, creative consultation and design process training tailored to your needs and resources focussed either on a specific project challenge or as part of your CPD program. We work both on-line & face to face, with a range of supporting information & resources, designed to support your requirements.

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