‘Greens’, Padstow- ( Café Terrace & Leisure Development / Mini Golf Proposal (with Place Architects

case study _ greens padstow terrace

Successful residential environments business settings take sustainability and placemaking seriously. We work successfully across a range of project types:

  • Mixed Tenure Residential Communities
  • Live-Work Developments
  • Rural Workshops
  • Bespoke Homes
  • Leisure & Tourism & Entertainment
  • Extractive Industries
  • Farm Diversification & Horticulture

We aim to create sustainable residential and live/ work environments, maximising liveability and community resilience. We work closely with National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) guidance to value the intrinsic quality of site context, and support environmental biodiversity.

For businesses, our design work creates improved image and performance, and enhancing both staff and customers experience through…

  • External & threshold space design
  • Inclusive access planning
  • Improved staff working & amenity place-making
  • Natural habitat design & management
  • On-site water management and conservation

As a member of the Design Council Built Environment Expert Panel, Director, Michael Westley supported the ‘Housing and Healthy Places’ ( Parliamentary reception, at the Houses of Parliament in 2018, highlighting the importance of designing places that promote healthy lives.

Please contact us to explore how we can work with you to enhance the potential of your project…

‘Greens’, Padstow- ( Café Terrace & Leisure Development / Mini Golf Proposal (with Place Architects & Reece Ingram, sculptor )

case study - greens padstow mini golf

Live/work Placemaking at: Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, NO.2 Residence- Royal William Yard, Plymouth, Truro Health Centre (with Arts for Health, Cornwall / Arts Well

case study - live-work placemaking various SW hospitals