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Student access project

Inclusive stakeholder consultation

Westley Design have a recognised expertise in creative, participative project development.
Michael Westley is an Enabler for the Commission for Architecture & the Built Environment (CABE Space). For CABE Michael has lead in the development, training & use of ‘Spaceshaper’, a unique public space quality evaluation tool. He is an accredited Spaceshaper facilitator.

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Access Evaluation & Design

As Program Manager to the Sensory Trust, pioneers in the field of access & inclusion, Michael Westley developed and implemented the innovative inclusive evaluation 'Toolkit’.Michael also helped develop important inclusive access publications for national bodies such as English Heritage.
Westley Design continues this approach across all sectors of our work, where our knowledge of access legislation supports successful, inclusive design solutions and helps secure project funding and planning consent.

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Concept to Design

From the conceptual sketch to the final masterplan, Westley Design can supply a full range of design services.
We can work successfully as part of larger development teams.
We also produce successful funding applications across a wide range of project types.

Westfield Rd Masterplan

Master planning

At a wider scale, Westley Design work with a range of development professionals to produce innovative, sustainably designed landscape strategy & masterplanning studies. These are supported by cost plans, phasing options & visualisations, across all areas of our portfolio.
As Landscape Institute Chartered Landscape Architects, Westley Design represent at Planning Enquiries.

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Planting and construction design

Planting design and horticulture are at the heart of our practice. We aim to celebrate and deliver the multisensory & functional benefits of plants; whether in a private garden, healthcare, horticulture therapy, school setting, or as part of a wider public space.
The qualities of place that people most appreciate at the human scale; that which we touch, move across or sit on. Westley Design produces original detailing and furnishing design, in collaboration with artists and makers to meet the client’s needs with flair and imagination.

Project management

We provide a hands-on project management service, from contract documentation, to aftercare maintenance schedules, appropriate to the scale and complexity of the scheme.
Westley Design works closely with contractors & specialist designer / makers throughout implementation to cost effectively deliver the completed product.

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Training and research

Westley Design carries out research projects in green space management, community resource provision and urban planning.Clients include regional and local government, public sector organisations, schools & community groups.
Michael Westly is an Enabler & an approved trainer for both CABE and Creating Excellence, focussing on open space design, community regeneration & inclusive design. He combines practice with a Senior Lecturer post at University of Plymouth School of Architecture and Design, where he delivers courses in landscape and inclusive design. He has guest lectured in the UK and U.S.

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