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Truro Specialist and Independant Retail Sector Study

Sector analysis planning report

The challenge

The majority of UK town centres are increasingly suffering the ‘clone town’ phenomenon, of chain stores creating visually bland, ubiquitous store fronts; the City of Truro continues to resist this trend. A partnership of City, District and County Councils commissioned Westley Design to carry out a study into how the City could best preserve its sense of place, deriving in large part from its strong Truro Specialist and Independent Retail Sector Study.

What we did

Westley Design designed and implemented a survey program of interviews with over 50 Specialist and Independent Retail Sector businesses in the City, asking how they viewed the business environment of Truro, and how the financial and environmental context might be better designed to support their sector. A prioritised program of business requirements was produced and combined with strategies for improved access to Truro’s business neighbourhoods, including plans for how the business community might benefit from improved urban design and inter-marketing.

The result

Truro has used the information produced to inform its BID Program.

park and ride diagrammap

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