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Truro Health Park Courtyard Design Project

Primary health care facility healthcare arts and landscape design

The challenge

The Truro Health Park Arts and landscape Strategy produced by Westley Design for Arts for Health Cornwall with sculptor Rob Olins used extensive community and stakeholder consultation to: raise awareness of public health issues, importance of improved environment within healthcare settings, generate palette of ideas, objects and materials to define ‘feel’ of the Health Park and stimulate ideas for interventions in specific spaces, involving a range of makers and designers. This was brought together into a briefing document and separate commissions let to designers to develop these ideas in  specific areas of the building and landscape of the health Park. Westley Design was appointed to offer specialist landscape advise to the designer team and separately commissioned to create a ‘therapeutic’ courtyard environment in one of the spaces.

What we did

Westley Design and sculptor Rob Olins took notions of a protected paradise space that had come out of the consultation and worked together to achieve a design for a space which although highly prominent, adjacent to the building’s main ‘street space’ would not initially be accessible to the public. We therefore designed a space that worked on a psychological level to invite the viewer into a series of unfolding, connected spaces, formed by planting and linked by a sinuous, sculpted line that followed a pathway of site from foreground to distance.

The result

Our designs have been adopted along with the other designers program of interventions for both internal and external areas of the Health Park campus, and due for completion on site in 2010.

planting design planMonterey pine courtyard concept designhard landscape design plan

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