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Sensory Trust Inclusive Access Evaluation Toolkit

Product development and use (with Sensory Trust)

The challenge

The Sensory Trust  working in partnership with the Countryside Agency were concerned that the level of awareness of Inclusive Design issues was both variable and limited in amongst green space managers and designers across the country. It was perceived that there was a need to make available a systematic approach to considering the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of any site and its context from an Inclusive perspective and to developing the site in an inclusive manner in partnership with key stakeholders.  It was decided to develop a flexible toolkit of ideas and workshop techniques which could be applied to as wide a range of public open spaces as possible


What we did

In his role as Program Manager to the Sensory Trust, Mike Westley, as part of the project team worked with local and county authorities in both rural and urban settings to carry out inclusive access site evaluation and case study analysis, research and methodology development toward developing the ‘toolkit’ and applying it in partnership with case study officers, interest groups and communities in both urban and rural settings


The result

A raised profile of the subject of inclusive evaluation and design in greenspace nationwide with successful case studies produced and published through the lead partner authority, Kent County Council and for Sheffield City Council


Inclusive interpretationInclusive access to wetlandsuse of Toolkit in Kent

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