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Mount Wise Plymouth Community Action Planning

Urban regeration event management

The challenge

The site was a neighbourhood of inner city Plymouth with a history of severe social problems, but which had managed a limited but inspirational degree of community based regeneration. The challenge was to engage the wider population of the area in widening and deepening this initiative. The local tenant’s management group and city council, working with a local arts organisation, decided on a community wide planning event to kick start the process and attract funding to the longer term regeneration objectives.

What we did

Mike Westley was co-opted onto the project development team and, as Associate Senior Lecturer at Plymouth School of Architecture, involved his post graduate architecture students organise over a period of 6 months to organise the Action Planning Event and a parallel community arts project, culminating in a week of intense evaluation and design covering all aspects of community life.

The result

The event involved over 500 residents and key community associations, a team of 25 invited professionals and facilitators, local politicians and development agencies. The event was a great popular success. The report of the twin events set out a comprehensive vision for the regeneration of the area and played a large part in supporting the wider Devonport Regeneration project.

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