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Moston Brook Newlands LIVIA Spaceshaper

National Forest project CABE Space Spaceshaper facilitation

The challenge

Moston Brook LIVIA (the Lower Irwell Valley Improvement Area) Community Woodland is one of nine new developments in the Northwest which are being created by the Forestry Commission as part of the Newlands scheme. Newlands has reclaimed large areas of derelict, underused and neglected land across the North West, with the intention of creating thriving and durable community woodlands. The woodlands are intended to provide new leisure opportunities for people living locally; benefits for business, opportunities for healthy living and green transport links. Regeneration of this former landfill site was completed in 2006. A major programme of work took place incorporating ideas from local residents including: A fully lit pathway that follows the course of the Moston Brook, a grass football pitch, as well as  new planting of trees and wildflowers. Regular events have been held on Moston Vale since work was completed, and a book has been published revealing the history and heritage of Moston Vale called ‘The Diggy and the Doggies’.

What we did

Westley Design worked project managers, Pathways Consultancy for The Forestry Commission client to assess the benefits and impact of the project on local. A community consultation was held with local residents and community organisations. In his role as a CABE Enabler, Mike Westley, was part of a project team who developed the Spaceshaper Tool and is an accredited Spaceshaper Facilitator. Westley Design successfully conducted “Spaceshaper” workshops with a range of residents and local government and regeneration professionals.

The result

The Spaceshaper workshops helped to generate a clear picture of how local people felt about their environment. The exercise led directly to shaping and adapting the Forestry Commissions prioritised management program going forward and to future assessment of the success of the different projects. It is planned to repeat the work in three or five year’s time – so that any changes in use can be monitored. This will allow the Forestry Commission to assess the impact that the community woodland is having on the surrounding communities.

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