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Lemon Quay Public Open Space

Consultation Process, Management and Action Plan (2006–2007), with Pengelly Consulting

The challenge

Mike Westley worked in an inclusive design consultant role with Mor Design in the re-development of Lemon Quay area at the end of the millennium changing the exiting car park into a quality open space. However, in any complex regeneration scheme there will almost certainly have to be compromises made. This was the case here, and whilst the public space which has resulted has become an important part of the social, commercial and urban fabric of Truro, many felt it to be an appropriate opportunity to review what has been achieved, and more importantly, determine how the physical appearance and management of this quality public space could be enhanced for the greater benefit of those who live, work and play in the City of Truro.

What we did

Westley Design worked with project partners: Truro City, Carrick District & Cornwall County Councils & Pengelly Consulting to design & facilitate an inclusive broad based consultation with the diverse stakeholder base. This process involved a range of feedback formats and techniques, including email, face to face interviews & ‘standpoint’ digital terminals, leading to the production of a Management & Action Plan report.

The result

This report, which brought together the views of many groups and individuals, is the first important step on this journey toward a more integrated public input to the management of this key space. It draws together some shared visions for the Quay and will be used to ensure that future management and physical enhancements decisions will be made to help the achievement of these aspirations. It has been adopted by the Local Planning Authority.

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