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Devoran Kitchen Garden

Family fruit and vegetable garden

The challenge

The family client has three young children; and needed a compact but productive family vegetable and fruit growing area to supply their kitchen and involve their children. The site was a bramble patch.

What we did

We evolved and implemented allotment design incrementally with the as the client family’s resources allowed. Where possible we used recycled or locally vernacular materials.

The result

The garden provides the context for an outdoor family lifestyle for much of the year. The fruit and vegetable garden now in its second year has proved highly productive, popular with the children and providing the venue for a harvest supper feast for family and friends. The allotment remains a work in progress, but overall the Westley family love and enjoy being in it and eating the fruits of their labours!


Daniel in wheelbarrowRachel with Sweet Peasgarden feastChris with cucumber

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