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Camborne Nursery School Donkey Field

Inclusive play learning landscape

The challenge

Even school grounds for our most vulnerable children are often no more that deserts of grass or tarmac, creating poor environments with little or no educational function. They lack the shelter and shade which makes outdoor play and learning possible for early years/ nursery children to safely enjoy. Hence children are confined to the classroom and lose contact with natural world and the rich multi-sensory stimulating developmental experiences. Wendy Titman Associates are experts and advisors to government on the subject of the benefits of enriching the school environment. They appointed Westley Design as project partners and designers on their program of Cornish Pre-school Projects, including Camborne Nursery School.

What we did

Westley Design worked directly with the inspirational Wendy Titman Associatesand the school staff to develop design and deliver an inclusive vision for an enriched sensory learning environment. Westley Design helped produce briefs and detailed designs for multi-sensory learning and play opportunities. We then ran the tender process and managed the project onto the ground. This included the planning and facilitation of a planting day for staff, parents and children at which nearly the whole school community participated.

The result

The project produced a highly successful, flexible landscape, rich with sensory play and learning opportunities. Teaching staff report children being more engaged and happier in the new environment. Parents are becoming more involved in the new school grounds and report childrens improved behaviour and sleep patterns at home follwing the opening of the Donkey Field.

Dinosaur footprint puddleFruit from the Nursery Donkey FieldDinosaur amphitheatrebirds eye vision

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