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CABE Space Enabling

(Enabling Panel Member 2004–)

The challenge

CABE Space is the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment’s public space unit. CABE Space provides advice and guidance to government, councils and environmental organisations on the planning, design and management of public space.

What we did

Michael Westley was appointed to CABE’s Enabling Team and has worked in the areas of inclusive design, healthcare environments, play design and techniques for inclusive public consultation.

The result

Special projects have included product design, field trials and training program delivery for the ‘Spaceshaper’ Place Consultation Tool. Particular Spaceshaper projects delivered for CABE have included: Milton Keynes Station Square, Tunnel Woods National Forest and Langdon Hills Country Park.

Other work has included: advising local authorities on accessible Green Space Strategy development.

Michael has collaborated with other Enablers and Play England to produce materials for and help deliver a national program of play design training.

Michael contributes to the CABE Leaders Program of training in public space design and management, specialising in inclusive access

CABE Space Spaceshaper

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