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Adelaide Street Community Pocket Park

Community Space Design Management Process in Plymouth

The challenge

The site was in a neighbourhood of inner city Plymouth with a history of severe social problems, manifesting in health problems for residents which were noticed by local health professionals. These people together with residents of the area formed a group pressing the City Council for changes to their environment. At this time the site was little more than a long strip of poorly maintained grass used for a range of antisocial activity. The challenge was to engage the wider population of the area in developing an environment people would be able to use and feel safe in.

What we did

Mike Westley working as Principal Landscape Architect for Groundwork Plymouth Area worked with the community team as well as City Council officers to develop a participatory evaluation and design process leading to a masterplan which was then incrementally designed into detail and implemented.

The result

The park produced was well supported and used and contributed positively to the health profile of the local population. The community park has subsequently received a further round of development and refurbishment.

Adelaide Street Park Entrance

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